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David "Lidders" Lidbury - lidders at - Thu 11th Mar 2004, 11:12

Hi Val. It is a great site and nice see your piccies. Will probably talk with you back on the group Lidders :-D

Denise Tucker - dee.tucker at - Wed 11th Feb 2004, 18:29

Hello, Just to say I enjoyed the class last night at the Methodist Hall, but am feeling the effects of it today!! Have practised one of the movements A-B L and will try to do one each day. Sorry I had to leave promptly, but am looking forward to next Tuesdays lesson. Regards Denise Tucker

sue marshall - countryfeet at - Fri 10th Oct 2003, 17:31

Hi Val - really enjoyed your article on absolute beginners dances. Have just written one myself called 'Step in tulsa time@ to Don Williams singing tulsa time, as I think the definite beat helps beginners fit stept to music. Sue, LineViners

Lynne Deamer - lynne at - Fri 27th Jun 2003, 21:03

Hi Val - well I had to, didn't I, after all - you visited mine. At least I now know where to go for the material for my start-up class. Well done. Just popped in to say 'Hi'really. I'll let you know how Sunday goes - really looking forward to it!

Betina - betina at - Sat 14th Jun 2003, 20:01

Hi there Found your list over AB dances on linedancer magazine. As a relative new instructor this is just a great guideline. We also uses some of your dances when we have workshop with non-linedancers. Thank you very much for your input ;o) Regards from Denmark.

Marilyn Wilson - marilyn_wilson at - Sat 7th Jun 2003, 21:19

Nice to chat to you and Sandie at Laurel's do on Thursday. Nice to see your site and the information about beginner dances. Thought you might like to look at the Priestmead site (part of my job as IT co-ordinator). See you Wednesday Marilyn

eddie - ed at - Sat 10th May 2003, 0:44

nice to know someone like yourself,who makes a lot of sense when they speak on LDUK,JUST THOUGHT THIS WILL LOOK BETTER IN YOUR the site,well done.

Martin Ritchie - linedancer at - Wed 16th Apr 2003, 10:44

Just surfing through and thought I'd say congratulations on the great article in Linedancer Magazine April? edition. Some good common sense spoken there! Best wishes, Martin.

Frankie - jrbkl at - Tue 25th Mar 2003, 21:28

our info is appreciated here in Houston--we pass it around among us. A retired LD teacher, age 82

nina - nmalagi at - Thu 20th Mar 2003, 19:11

hello, couldn't resist a peek..felt quite inspired, how would you like to teach line dancing to a bunch of ex pat IT Indians living in New Jersey? Thought I'd ask...