Val's Step Sheets With Videos

All the following dances are in Microsoft Word format. To download them, just click on the dance you want. You might need to right-click on the link and choose 'Save As...', depending on how your computer is set up.

(These dances are also available in pdf format at the Linedancer magazine and Kickit web sites.)

VIDEOS: Some of the dances have videos. These are shown in the video column. To view a video just click on the number.

A - B Dances

A - B 'L'Abs Beg1
A - B CornerAbs Beg1Up Country, March 2006
A - B TicketAbs Beg1 Linedancer, Dec 2002
A - B WaltzAbs Beg1
A - B Whirl - Abs Beg1 2 3Linedancer, Oct 2004
    El CornerAbs Beg
    AB ABAbs Beg1Linedancer, September 2008
    AB TwostepAbs Beg1Linedancer, April 2009
    AB RockerAbs Beg 1 2 Linedancer, August 2011

Other Dances

1 2 3 WaltzAbs Beg1Linedancer, July 2003
Above And Beyond - with Gaye Teather Beg1 2Up Country, April 2007
Bittersweet - with Val VellaBeg/InterBWDA mag
Burning RingIntermed
Far and Away Beg/InterUp Country, July 2006
Heartbeat RockIntermedBWDA mag
Lonesome WaltzBeg/InterUp Country, July 2002
MoonstruckEasy Imp1
Night-Time WaltzBeg/InterBWDA mag
Outskirts Of HeavenEasy Intermed1
Simply Honky TonkAbs Beg1 2Linedancer, Feb 2010
Up Country, May 2010
Simply Mambo - with Deana Randle Abs Beg1 2 3 4Up Country, June 2007
Linedancer, November 2007
Simply NightclubBeg1 2Linedancer, September 2010
Up Country, Jan 2011
Simply RockBeg1 2 3Linedancer, Feb 2003
Simply ShuffleAbs Beg1 2 Up Country, Nov 2006
SopranoBeg/Inter BWDA mag
Urban LivingBeg1 2 3 4Linedancer, Oct 2005
Walk On Byeee - with Pam PikeBegLinedancer Fun Dances Book, Dec 2004
Woman Trouble BegLinedancer, May 2006
Up Country, Feb 2006
Woman Trouble (Partner Dance) - adapted by Edie Ogilvie