Testimonials From Instructors

For anyone considering a class suitable for complete beginners to line dancing, look no further than Val Myers Absolute Beginner Programme (AB). This programme has become my bible and is essential to take the complete beginner through all the steps required to then become a confident line dancer, ready and confident to try the wide variety of dances available to them. I use the music suggested and add my own as and when I feel the need to try it to something different. It works for me and my beginners and gives them the help they need, step by step......

Janis Budgen, Jayz Linedanz Club, Waterlooville. Hampshire.

This is just a note to say how useful your AB programme is. I have been using a similar system, instinctively, for many years. But it's really nice to see it written down in a logical way, so that it's clear to see which new steps are being introduced. I have been using it as a guide since September, and it's working very well. It's also nice to have ideas of dances I haven't tried.

Annie Saw, Silver Star LDC, Bucks and Berks.

Thank you for contributing your dance Simply Shuffle to my DVD "Line Dancing for Beginners". At only 16 counts, this dance consists of so many basic steps; this enables the beginner to put much of what he/she has learnt from your excellent programme into use. Your ability to understand the needs of the beginner dancer is superb and from an instructors perspective your programme saves so much time in searching for dances to teach in a clear, methodical and structured way.

Lynne Schapiro.

Val's AB programme is a dream come true for line dance teachers. I have tried devising my own AB programme in the past and lost dancers as it was too complicated / too rushed. With Val's programme the dances build upon the previous one and new dance steps are introduced [generally] one at a time. My class love the dances and feel like they are progressing at an appropriate speed. Well done and thank you Val!

Chris Salter, Rainbow Dancers, Eccles. Lancashire.

Teaching a class of absolute beginners has been a new experience for me and I have found Val's teaching programme to be a great help as it allows complete beginners to be able to put steps to music at their very 1st class. They begin to learn steps that can be used in actual dances in easy stages. They are able to enjoy the easy pace of learning and by adding a few easy steps in each dance, a programme is created which they can do with no real problems. The learning curve for beginners is very steep and any programme that makes it easier must be welcome as it will encourage people to keep attending classes and that is the only way we will keep line dancing alive.

Rob Francis, Robs Raiders, Essex.

I have been a line dance instructor for 6 years. I have two classes. I've always thought not all instructors have time for beginners, that's why I have started an absolute beginners before my other class starts. I wanted to go through the order properly teaching new steps and your web site was brill and the AB programme was most effective. Once again thank you.

Denise Nicholls of Dixie Kickers, Willenhall, Cheshire.

You were recommended by so many people when I asked for easy dances. I went to your site and spent most of my day there. IT'S WONDERFUL. I will look no further. It's great. Thanks for including my beginner dance - Flobie Slide !!. I am honoured that it is included in your beginner program. Thank you.

Flo Cook, Dancinwith Flo. Upstate New York, USA.

Over here in France the Line Dance scene is still really in its infancy, and we are teaching large classes of complete beginners. I first used Val's programme last year, and I've repeated it this year with my 85 - strong class of AB's. The whole programme is excellent, carefully devised to bring them to the more difficult steps and concepts at exactly the right point in their development. This system is obviously the result of years of general teaching experience being brought to bear on the particular problem of teaching Line Dancing to beginners, and I for one am very grateful that someone of Val's considerable quality as an educator has had the generosity and enthusiasm to share his knowledge with us. THANK YOU Val.

John Whittington, Carolles Country Line Dancing, Carolles, France.

Just wanted to drop a note to let you know what a great resource you have out there for folks who want to start a beginner class. I was asked to start a very, very beginner class. I went looking for information and found yours. The programs sounded logical and wonderful and I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to work on it and put it out there. My beginner class is going well. After we have been dancing for some time I think we forget how difficult it was in the beginning. Things we consider simple and second nature after a few years are really hard for beginners to grasp. I'm learning right along with them. It takes me back to my beginnings. It is sometimes very humbling. Again, thank you for all the time and effort you put into this program. It does work well.

Thanks so much for all your help.

Pat Barschenski, North County Line Dancers, Whately, Massachusetts, USA.

I just have to say thank you, for your beginners dances. When I started teaching two years ago I took on an already established class so it was reasonably easy as they all new the steps etc. But I thought I'd be "clever" and try beginners, not so easy, and I didn't know where to look for complete beginners dances. Some of the dancers are in their 70's and 80's so it has to be very easy, not too many turns or very fast. Seeing your programme in the BWDA magazine has solved my problems, Thanks again.

Jill Harris, Poughill Outlaws, Bude, Cornwall.

My classes are doing great. I was very glad to have the dances you choreographed. Because of those dances most of the people stuck it out and have become very good dancers. I think sometimes we take for granted that everyone can dance and we forget that it was hard for us in the beginning. Thanks again for the help.

Keep your feet to the beat.

SANDY SNYDER (Lady Dancer), USA.

Thanks for all the help and advice you have given me in setting up and running my classes. Also, I've found that the dances you have written have made it really easy for pupils to get into line dancing and I recommend that new teachers should start off with the AB dances.

Paul Hudson, Howling Wolves, Hitchin, Letchworth. Herts.

Went to your website; and I am so pleased to find the wealth of information there. Thanks for sharing with us. I am operating a dance studio for line dancing in Selangor, Malaysia; and certainly find that for new beginners; the number of new dances these days coupled with innovative steps are really mind boggling for them. Your articles certainly helped me to put up a proper structure to help these new dancers.

Happy Khim, Happy Feet, Malaysia.

Your AB series is STILL a huge hit with my dancers! I am still teaching AB Ticket which is a firm favorite as is AB L. They also love The Freeze which we use as a warm up at the start of the class. Many many thanks for your series. It IS a big hit. I think you have put a lot of thought into this program and I am more than happy to teach these routines for as long as they want to dance it!

RubyDancingmoon, Cherokee Dance Studio, UK.

I live in South Africa in a farming environment in the Western Cape called Montagu. With your programme I was able to introduce the ladies to very simple structured line dancing. Its had the most wonderful response. After the first lesson ABL and AB Ticket were taught - they went home feeling very proud of themselves and enthusiastic to come back the following week. This is to me what line dancing is all about - to conquer the basics is so important and thanks to your programme my ladies have achieved that. A lot of thought must have gone into your programme and I would like to thank you personally for that. As a new instructor I was totally lost and needed some guidance and when I logged into Linedance Magazine and saw your list of dances I was so excited. Thank-you for putting so much time and thought into these lists of dances as I find every week that my dancers are learning something new - (not too complicated) and are not losing their confidence because they are able to do it. In my experience give an AB dancer a complicated dance they lose confidence in themselves and tend not to come back. This is not the case with your list. I am now going forward with the beginner dances and I feel that the foundation has been laid. Thank you for your time that you have put into this. I know that I will be bringing my dancers up to an exceptional level with the help of the basics.

Here is to Linedancing in South Africa going from strength to strength.

Audrey Hall, Vine-in-Line, Montagu, South Africa.

Val - I wish I'd looked at your website 3 years ago! I could've saved myself months of work, typing and thinking. You've fine-tuned the Absolute Beginners and Beginners programmes, and they're brilliant! I'm pleased to say mine matches yours in many ways and certainly in the philosophy of building 'blocks' of steps and introducing dances to illustrate those steps. I've taken a lot of suggestions from your programme, and I'm very grateful for the music ideas too. Thanks a million as always.

Sharon Brizon, (Shaz B), Laughter Lines-Trail Blazers, Surrey.

I came across your website address whilst thumbing through copies of the Up Country & Linedancer magazines and what a treasure trove that's turned out to be. You've really filled in the gaps for me with your Beginners Dance Programme & your A - B Series. I now feel more confident of being able to structure my new class rather than just muddling through with whatever I thought best and now feel encouraged & excited about starting my new programme. You are an inspiration. Thank you.

Debbie Pressley, Howzit Start Stompers, Stotfold, Nr Hitchin, Herts.

I have been line dancing for 10 years and teaching for 4 years. I recently used the A-B programme for the first time and after a 2 hour workshop, (including breaks totalling 1/2 hour) using the first 5 dances in the programme, I left with a lovely warm and fuzzy feeling inside of me because of its success. I utilised the programme by playing a slower piece of music, once the steps had been established, and then doing the same dance to a more up tempo piece of music and this worked very well. The pace at which the programme worked with the first 5 dances is ideal to incorporate into an initial 1.5 hour workshop. Thanks Val for showing me the way forward, and providing instructors with a syllabus to work with in order to introduce people to line dancing. The way, in which the first 5 dances flow into each other, adding a little bit on in the next dance is genius. Thanks again Val.

Cathy Hodgson, Cath's Kickers, Knaresborough, Ripon, Yorkshire.

I just love your dances and use them for my classes.

Rosalee Musgrave, Line Dance Teacher, Lubbock, Texas, USA.

I think the beauty of your dances and the AB programme is that the music is so interchangeable, depending on the ages of the people dancing and how fast you want to take it. I've used your AB dances over the years with groups including young folks and seniors, so I wanted to say thanks and keep up your good work, making life easy for teachers like me. You can add more AB dances anytime.

Pollie Evans, Dancer and Instructor, Spring Valley, WI, USA.